Useful mobile apps while in Hungary

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BKK Info (HUN, ENG) – Official application of BKK Centre for Budapest Transport. First-hand up-to-the-minute public transport information.

Vonatinfó (HUN, ENG) – Official journey planner for train travels within Hungary. This app is useful for planning train travels, tickets can also be purchased within the application. (HUN) – Online search for national transport lines.

Mobiljegy for public transport (HUN, ENG) – Purchase public transport ticket on your mobile phone, even just before boarding the vehicle. The app works in Budapest and Tatabánya for passes, reduced fare passes, daily tickets and airport shuttle single tickets.

WizzAir (HUN, ENG) – An app with flight timeline, in-app boarding card and many more features. Fun to track, fun to travel.

Ryanair (HUN, ENG) – An app with flight timeline, in-app boarding card and many more features.

Waze (HUN, ENG) – Save time on every drive. Waze tells you about traffic, police, crashes and more. If traffic is bad on your route, Waze will change it for you to save time.

Rome2rio (ENG) – A global travel search and booking engine, helping you get from A to B.

Taxi/Car sharing

Bolt (HUN, ENG) – Fast and affordable rides at the tap of a button in Budapest

GreenGo (HUN, ENG) – Car sharing service in Budapest

MOL Limo (HUN, ENG) – Car sharing service in Budapest

DriveNow Carsharing (HUN, ENG) – Car sharing service in Budapest

Taxim Budapest (HUN, ENG) – Taxi ordering app for Budapest

Car4You Budapest (HUN, ENG) – Taxi ordering app for Budapest

Motar Ridesharing/Oszkár (HUN, ENG) – With Motar car owners can offer their available space in their cars for people who’d like to travel in the same direction at the same time. While sharing the travel costs together, they get to socialize as well. If you’d like to use Motar as a passenger, simply register and search for destinations which match your criteria.

City Taxi Budapest (HUN, ENG) – Budapest City Taxi cab mobile app


Simple (HUN, ENG) – All in one: parking, e-vignette, cheque payment, movie ticket and mobile ticket. With Simple you can use your mobile phone as a bank card for contactless payments.

Parking Hungary (HUN, ENG) – With this app you can easily start and stop your parking in any district of Budapest or other cities of Hungary. The app only works if you have a T-mobile, Telenor, Vodafone, UPC Mobil or Tesco Mobile SIM card.

VoxPay (HUN, ENG) – Start a parking or purchase a motorway vignette with just a few clicks, even with no SMS cost, using the VoxPay application. This app is a collection of an expanding number of – mainly transport-related – applications.

Telenor wallet (HUN, ENG) – Not only for Telenor customers, this app includes Parking, Bill payments, Mobile Topup, Highway Vignette, Lottery.


About You (HUN, ENG) – Shop clothing, styles and fashion trends with free shipping and returns.

Fashion Days (HUN, ENG) – A fashion app that offers unlimited fashion discoveries from top international brands.

Lidl (HUN for Hungarian stores) – Latest news about Lidl offers and picks of the week. This app makes your shopping easier than ever. Find your local Lidl store including opening hours, preview and latest offers and leaflets, or prepare you rnext shopping trip on the go.

Árukereső (HUN) – Up-to-date information on price offers for various products in over 3000 webshops.

Jófogás (HUN) – Buy or sell on Hungary’s largest online platform.

Netpincér (HUN, ENG) – Hungary’s top online food ordering app, which shows restaurants that are nearby.

IKEA (HUN, ENG) – This app is your personal in-store shopping companion. From planning your visit to finding and remembering everything when you get there, this is the perfect app to keep your IKEA affairs in order.

Utilities/everyday life

E-On (HUN) – Customer service app for E.ON Hungary’s customers.

iCsekk mobil fizetés (HUN, ENG) – Link your bank card to the app, and pay your postal cheques through it by reading the QR code on it.

Időkép (HUN, ENG) – Live weather information, 30 days forecast, storm alerts.

Air Matters (HUN, ENG) – Realtime broadcasting air quality information for more than 180 countries.

Hungarian Post Application (HUN, ENG) – Manage your postal affairs easily ont he go, without restrictions, from tracking to bill payments or appointment booking. The app offers an interactive map with all nearby post offices, tracking options, price calculator, zip code finder, appointment booking options, etc.

Telekom (HUN, ENG) – For Telekom cutomers – do your business anywhere, anytime with this app.

Google Translate (ENG) – The world is closer than ever with over 100 languages.


Revolut (ENG) – Revolut is an account to manage your money better anywhere in the world. Instant spending notifications, built-in budgeting, buying and selling currencies an an easy way to spend and send money abroad with the real exchange rate.

Transferwise (ENG) – Transfer money abroad quickly, easily and art he lowest possible cost.

Free time

Természetjáró (HUN, ENG) – Recommended tours and many POIs. This is the online tourist guide of Hungary, specially developed for hikers, bikers and water sports lovers, featuring a built-in tour planner, as well as hundreds of recommended tours and thousands of POIs, all with detailed descriptions and plenty of photographs, comfortably viewable on an interactive map.

Gyerekkel (HUN) – Child-friendly events and places recommended based on your location and preferences.


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