Children in the Hungarian system can join public school system at the age of 3. From  3-6/7 they can attend kindergartens (Ovoda), part day Ovoda is compulsory from age 5.

It is compulsory for the children to start primary school from the age of 6 or 7 depending on their maturity, and they have to stay schooled until they are 16. Generally they attend primary school for eight years (until the age of 14) and then enter secondary school that lasts for four years. It is not uncommon to come across secondary schools that host 6 or 8 grades, where consequently children start before they reach 14.

Secondary school usually finishes with a ‘School Leaving Exam’ (Érettségi), which serves as an entry exam to universities.

Higher education takes place in the ‘Bologna System’ in Hungary, that is common in most of the countries of the European Union. According to this A Bachelor degree can be obtained in 3-4 years, a Masters degree in 1-2 years and a Ph.D. in 3 years.