In booking your travel to and from Vienna airport, FlixBus may have a budget option for you to consider. You’ll take a train from Papa to Gyor (or have a friend drive you), and take a bus direct to the Vienna Airport.

FlixBus is a German bus service with routes all over Europe. From Gyor’s bus station, there are two direct FlixBuses each day to bring you to the airport, and there may be more in the future.

Prices start at just 6 euro for a trip, and the direct journey is less than an hour and a half, making it much quicker (and cheaper) than taking a train into Vienna’s city center and then back down to the airport! At the time of this writing, direct buses occur daily at 08:30 (arriving 09:50) and 18:30 (arriving 19:45).

However, it does seem that you can only book your ticket a couple days in advance of your journey, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their options and be ready to book when it’s available.

Check out FlixBus’s website to book your tickets, which can be done by creating an account; mobile ticketing is possible, so no printing is necessary. 

There are many FlixBus destinations from Budapest, Vienna and more cities easily reachable from Papa. Be sure to browse their interactive map to gain some travel ideas for your next weekend trip!