Only 50 minutes south-west from Pápa, there is one big medieval castle waiting for kids and adults from Pápa to visit!

And If you really want to check out the medieval life, you can check out their program for shows and dinner during afternoons.

The main elements of the show were taken from the knightly tournaments known in the Middle Ages, so the skill weapon show – archery, battle star, battlefield, spearhead – walk and horse, equestrian and peddler (swords, shields, buzognynyal stb.) is a part of the performance .
The characters are always in contemporary costumes, the mood and the quality are narrated by our narrator and the appropriate music subtle.

The program is followed by a medieval feast. During the feast, Gypsy music is played, and dressed in costumes dressed in knights and wardens, where the meals are handmade according to the traditions of the age.

There is also an alternative for a Historical Horse Riding with a Medieval Feast which is about 7000 HUF pr person. More information is linked below.

It is of course also an opportunity to go to the castle and have a tour by yourself.
a nice hike up to the castle and just enjoy the view and the history.
Their different rooms  has historical posters with information.

They also have a café and a gift shop where you can buy beverages,Medieval kids toys (bows, swords, sabers, shields, maulets, etc.); Timeless suits, Hungarian noble costumes and The products of the Sümeg Castle, the products decorated with Sümeg, Sümeg postcards, maps etc.

This day trip has lots of culture,  different activities for kids and you have the chance to dig in to the Hungarian history.

Address: 8330 – SÜMEG, VÁRKERT

For further information about the story behind the castle or programs,
check their website (Its in hungarian, but if you can translate websites through google Chrome etc. it works perfectly) :

A youtube-video is linked here if you want to check out the area:

 sources :


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