Have you ever wanted to go out of Hungary for a day or a weekend, but want to leave your car at home?

For those who aren’t aware of the train-system in Hungary, there is lines that crosses several countries and can bring you to another adventure without having to drive by yourself.

There is several different train-systems, for example InterCity and Railjet.
Rail jet is a fasttrain and can take you straight from Hungary to Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
The quality of the train is also very modern and can offer several facilities:
restaurant, free wifi and Air Conditioning. Video screens, power sockets and newspapers.

Railjet can offer these lines from Hungary:

Budapest – Győr – Bécs – Salzburg – Innsbruck – Zürich

Budapest – Győr – Bécs – Salzburg – München (– Stuttgart – Frankfurt)

Budapest – Győr – Bécs – Salzburg (– Innsbruck)

They also stop in Vienna on their way.

If you want to go on any of these straight from Pápa, the best way is to take the local line from Pápa train station to Gyór and hop on the Railjet.

Be aware that you need to go to the International Ticket Office in Györ to purchase tickets to another country.

Link for departures:

Safe travels!!