Restrictive measures in some Hungarian towns

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With the Easter long weekend approaching, some towns’ and villages’ local municipality has implemented restrictive measures:

Tihany – public parking lots have been closed down
Bakonybél – town leadership strongly asks everyone not to visit the village during the state of emergency
Hollókő – the annual Easter festivities have been cancelled, and town leadership asks that no visitors enter the town, all parking lots will be closed down
Velence – parking lots will be closed down, town leadership asks that no visitors enter the town
Rigács – the town will be closed down, no visitors will be allowed to enter
Zebegény – several streets and parking lots have been closed down, and town leadership asks that no visitors enter the town
Szentendre – the town center and several other areas will be closed off from non-Szentendre residents between 10th and 14th of April
Balatonfüred – parking lots along road 71. parking lots in Huray street and in Borsos Miklós street, the parking lots of the two big beaches, and the parking lot in Zákonyi street will all be closed during the long weekend. Esterházy and Kisfaludy beaches will also be closed.
Balatonalmádi – Szent Erzsébet park, Óvári viewpoint and its surroundings, the main square with the fountain and its parking lot, the Pannónia cultural center’s parking lot, parking lots of all beaches, all playgrounds and outdoor fitness parks will be closed starting Friday morning. Wearing masks in all stores is mandatory! Anyone not adhering to the rules will be fined.
Keszthely – All accessible Balaton shore-sections will be closed off, and town leadership asks everyone to stay away from Keszthely.
Gárdony – Town leadership asks everyone to stay away from the town, and has also requested stronger checks from local police and civilian guards.
Visegrád – Starting Friday, 10th of April, 8 AM, only locals with an existing permit will be allowed to park within the town, all streets leading to road 11 will be one-way streets, Panoráma route to the Citadel will be closed off from visitors.
Szarvas, Békésszentandrás – all accommodations will be closed during Easter weekend in the area, all routes leading to the waterfront in Szarvas will be closed off.
Kecskemét – The cultural hall, the botanical garden and Nyíri woods will all be closed starting on the 10th of April. Sports tracks and fields in the area will also be closed down.
Gánt – town leadership has posted flyers asking all tourists to leave the town

Town leadership of the following towns and villages have issued a common statement asking everyone to stay away from the area during the Easter long weekend: Dobogókő, Dunabogdány, Dömös, Esztergom, Kisoroszi, Leányfalu, Pilisszentlászló, Pócsmegyer, Surány, Szentendre, Szigetmonostor, Tahitótfalu, Zebegény, Vác, Visegrád.


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