Protocol for people with potential COVID-19 infections

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  • Stay at home if you start producing any symptoms!
  • Please don’t go to your GP’s office in person, call them on the phone!
  • Your GP will ask you a list of questions to assess your situation.
  • If your symptoms are mild, but the doctor decides that you should be tested for COVID-19, they will have a doctor come to your house to carry out the test. You will be put in home quarantine ordered by the authorities until results of your test are back.
  • If you produce two negative tests, you will be released from obligatory house quarantine. If your test comes back positive, but your symptoms are mild enough to be managable at home, you will be kept in home quarantine as ordered by the authorities. Medical personnel will then return to your home for follow-up tests. Once you produce two negative tests, you will be released from home quarantine.
  • If your test comes back positive and your symptoms are severe, needing hospital care, you will be transported by an ambulance to a hospital equipped to treat infectious diseases.
  • You will receive medical care in isolation at the hospital for as long as it is needed. You will be considered cured and be let out of the hospital once you have produced two negative tests for coronavirus.


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