Practice Indoor Climbing in Gyor

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Tucked away in an old warehouse an hour away which seems from the outside to be abandoned, you’ll find an indoor climbing gym where you can climb or boulder for hours, bring kids to monkey around, and throw birthday parties.

From the outside, Ibex Sport Falmászás ( in an old warehouse district in Gyor doesn’t seem like much. But stepping inside the gym, you’ll find a colorful, rocky wonderland of climbing possibilities. From a large bouldering room area, to a smaller one for children, to a nice top-roping room, you’ll be able to build your climbing skills and strength for hours indoor on a rainy day.

An entry ticket for adults is 1900 HUF, while children’s tickets are 1200 HUF.  Climbing shoes and chalk are available for rental; if you bring your own equipment, there are cheaper tickets available.

Never climbed before? No problem. The gym offers a training session for newcomers. ( There is a minimum number of four participants, so gather some friends for a new learning adventure! I am not sure if there is English training available, so work with a translator to find out – and maybe even bring one to join in on the fun!

If you need to arrange a birthday party, you might consider working with one of our translators to arrange it – when I visited in April 2018, I wasn’t entirely sure if anyone who works at the gym speaks English. One man did speak German, though.

When you drive to the gym, it’s not very evident from the outside that you’re at the right place. Scroll down through all the photos to see an image of the building from the outside, with a relatively small sign pointing to the left for you to follow the sidewalk to the entrance.

Whether you’re a regular climber back home, or you’ve never tried climbing before, a visit to Ibex Sport is sure to be a fun adventure for anyone to try.

Ibex Sport Falmászás

9207 Győr, Puskás Tivadar u. 8


When you drive to the address, you will wonder if you are in the right place! Don’t worry; you are! After driving through a gate off the road into a warehouse area, you’ll proceed until you see this building, where IBEX is located. You can park near here and “follow” the two men in the photo towards the front door of the Ibex gym. Note the small-ish “IBEX” sign on the bottom right corner of the building.




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