Popular sites closed in Döbrönte

by | Apr 3, 2020 | COVID, COVID-municipality, COVID-Pápa | 0 comments

The Mayor of Döbrönte has issued the following announcement:

Dear Visitors, and those wishing to have excursions in Döbrönte,

Döbrönte’s municipality has implemented the following measures regarding the coronavirus pandemic:

– We have closed off the area of Szarvaskő Castle from visitors
– We have closed our playground
– We have closed the handball-field
– We have closed the area by Bitva stream

All of the above applies until further notice.
The local civilian guards and the police will be checking whether above measures are being adhered to.
I would like to ask everyone to stick to rules and regulations of the Movement Restrictions issued by the government, and to stay at home whenever possible!!!

We will be waiting for our visitors with open arms as soon as the pandemic is over.

Lajos Cseh


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