Police: 107, “Rendőrség”

Police Station

Pápa, Széchenyi I. u. 18.

Tel.: 89/313-011  or 89/313-012

Fire-service: 105, “Tűzoltóság” 

Fire- and rescue service

Pápa, Major u. 20.

Tel.: 89/324-188

E-mail: tuopapa@tuopapa.hu


Ambulance: 104, “Mentő”

Ambulance Pápa

Pápa, Anna tér 11.

Tel.: 89/313-100

Good to know: Ambulance service is free of charge to everyone needing assistance in Hungary

If you or one of your family members is ever in the need of critical medical care and you would prefer to be treated at an Austrian hospital you can use an Austrian based ambulance service for pick-up at the Hungarian hospital and transport to Vienna. This organization has Ambulances available that can transport both adult and child/infant intensive care patients.

Hungarian ambulances will only get you as far as the border.

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure if this service is covered by your insurance provider.

Website: Gruenes Kreuz in German only

24 hour hotline: +43 1 14849 (English speaking operators)

Emergency telephone numbers In case of an emergency call (toll free from any phone):

  • Universal emergency: 112
  • Police – 107
  • Fire – 105
  • Ambulance – 104

The universal emergency number 112 applies in Hungary. When dialing 112, an English speaking operator should be available. If you use the 107/104/105 numbers, you might only get an Hungarian speaker, however since this will get you the local police/fire department, response times may be quicker. When calling be prepared to give your name and address/location (in Hungarian). When calling from a landline they may be able to determine where you are calling from but this will delay help from being sent quickly.

For life threatening emergencies it is best to call the local numbers for a quicker response time. Say Segítség! which means Help! in Hungarian and give your name and address. This will assure that help will be sent even if the operator does not speak English.

For less urgent problems you can call your nations/organizations support personnel/translators or the CLO (for HAW and NAMP).