Anybody living in Papa needs to know how to watch a movie at the cinema here! The cinema downtown is just next to the walking street. The address is:

Cinema Petőfi – Pápa
8500 Pápa 
Deák Ferenc street 8.
Phone: + 36-89-313-484

The theater shows English movies on occasion, so it’s important for us to know how to find out when they’re showing! Tickets are 1100 HUF for basic, and sometimes there are 3D shows. If you don’t already have the glasses, you can buy them for an additional couple hundred HUF (be sure to save them and re-use them for future movies!)

Here’s the website: 

Google translate will help you navigate the site. On the homepage, scroll down to see the movies playing today. Look at the descriptions of the movie, and when you see “(sign/en)” after the title of the movie, it means that the language is English only. When you see “(felir./eng)” is it an English movie with Hungarian subtitles.

If you’re downtown and wondering what English movies they may have playing, look for the “F” symbol next to the movie titles on the schedules they post for the next two weeks in the window of the theater.

We’ll see you at the movies!