It is rare that a single grocery store in Papa will ever have everything you need, especially if you are hoping to find specific items on a list for a recipe. Here’s a “shortcut” guide to help you learn which stores are favored for what, and why.

*Be sure to search in the Spouses of Papa Facebook page for the “Cook Like A Local” photo album to see the Hungarian versions of some ingredients you may need!

*If you are looking for something and still cannot find it after visiting multiple stores, post a question on the Spouses of Papa Facebook page. Your community will chime in with their knowledge and you’ll have an answer in no time!

*Don’t forget your own reusable shopping bags (and mesh produce bags if you have them!) and your 100 HUF / 1 euro / US quarter for your shopping cart, if needed.



Produce –> Lidl, Aldi
Meats –> Lidl, Interspar
Chicken –> Interspar, Lidl
Bakery –> Lidl, Tesco
Variety (bit o’ everything) –> Tesco
Bio (Organic) –> DM, Interspar
Dry Goods (Variety) –> DM
Dairy –> Aldi, Lidl


DETAILED GUIDE: In an informal Facebook poll conducted in February 2018, the main four grocery stores in Papa were voted and ranked in this order:

#1 – LIDL (18 votes)

Best known for:
– Produce – freshest & most variety
– Meats & Fish
– Croissants & Baguettes
– Manageable size of store
– German-style grocer, with only one brand of each item, guaranteeing that you won’t waste time comparing prices between brands

Worst known for:
– Long, slow checkout lines
– Crowded shelves may make it hard to spot specific items you seek
– You may be excited to buy an item here once…and never see it being sold there again


#2 – TESCO (9 votes)

Best known for:
– Widest variety of household goods & food (similar to American Wal-Mart)
– “Tesco’s Finest” brand featuring British and American style items
– Widest variety of Asian & other cuisine ingredients / specialty foods
– Kale is only sold here in Papa
– More staff members speak English than other stores
– Self-checkout lanes (although these are very finicky)

Worst known for:
– Multiple reported experiences of dry goods packaged in cardboard boxes (cereal, rolled oats) infested with moths that lay eggs inside your pantry
– Size of store makes it more difficult for a super quick trip for just a couple items
– Often moving items around according to what space is available on shelves, making it difficult to find things you know they sell


#3 – ALDI (8 votes)

Best known for:
– Breads
– Produce
– Shorter lines & smaller store makes for a quicker trip
– Like Lidl, this is a German-style grocer, with only one brand of each item, guaranteeing that you won’t waste time comparing prices between brands
– Aldi has many stores in the USA, so if you’re American you may have shopped there previously


#4 – INTERSPAR (2 votes)

Best known for:
– Chicken and other meats
– Rotisserie style chicken (for a quick meal)
– Second largest store in Papa
– Best gluten-free section
– Great wine selection

Worst known for:
– Reports of rude staff members
– Long, slow checkout lines
– Must weigh produce yourself; machine often doesn’t work, and cashiers will simply stop ringing you up if the sticker isn’t correct



#5 – DM (Interspar shopping center)

Best known for:
– Bio (organic) selection of many varieties of healthy dry goods such as grains & pasta
– Essential oils selection
– Labels in German, which may be more familiar to English speakers

#6 – METRO (in Gyor)

Best known for:
– Frozen seafood variety
– Meats

Worst known for:
– Membership card required
– Distance from Papa


Happy shopping!