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Laws on Animals

There are different laws on pets in Hungary, some are central, some are made by the local municipality, and regulations may be made by blocks of houses, too.

By law, dogs older than 4 months have to have unique identification. This is usually a microchip with the data of the pet (name, owners, address), injected under the skin. The cost of the procedure and the chip together is usually around HUF 3000.

Pay attention to signs in parks and in public areas whether you are allowed to enter with a pet, or whether there are any restrictions regarding your pet (i.e. a leash, a muzzle, or a carriage box).

Pets, other than guide-dogs or work-dogs, are usually not allowed in buildings. If you would like to take your pet into one, ask whether it is ok, before entering. Any damage your pet causes in a public area is your responsibility.

Cruelty towards animals is an indictable offence by law in Hungary. By law, the keeper of an animal is obliged to take care of the animal, considering its kind, species and its physiological needs.

When walking, you are obliged to clean the waste after your pet at all times. Not doing so may result in being fined.

On public transport vehicles pets are usually required to have a leash and a muzzle on, or to be locked in a carriage box. In some cases you might have to buy an extra ticket for your pet.

Please, do not forget to have all the necessary paperwork done before coming to Hungary.

Your pet will most probably need a Pet Passport and all the required immunization.

For details please ask your local vet.


Dr. Attila Lázár (speaks English)

+36 30 94 60 894

Consulting hours: Monday-Friday: 10.00-12.00 and 16.00-18.00

Dr. Lajos Gulyás

 +36 30 348 27 99

Dr. Péter Király

+36 89 320 496

Dr. Jenő Kovács (speaks German)

+36 89 313 173, +36 30 93 93 211

Consulting hours: Monday-Friday: 16.00-18.00 Saturday-Sunday: 17.30-18.00

Dr. Attila Lukács

+36 89 318 236, +36 89 510 324, +36 30 947 53 97

Consulting hours: Monday-Friday: 16.00-19.00 Saturday: 9.00-11.00

Animal Shelters

Pápai Humán Állatvédő Egyesület (Pápa Humanitarian Association of Animal Protection)

+36 70 354 1605, +36 30 577 0234 (Hungarian)

Animal shelters host stray animals, provide them with food and shelter. These facilities are usually manned on a volunteer basis and are financed by donations through foundations.

People can adopt abandoned pets from these shelters, and donations as per money, food, volunteer work or anything else needed are always welcome.

Still have questions? We can help you.

24/7 emergency on-call service: +36 30 857 5606

Contact your NSE (NLD, NOR, SWE, USA)

Contact your SNR

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