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How to open a bank account?

If you wish to open an account in Hungary, you can do that by choosing any bank you like and signing a contract with it. It might be advisory to choose a bank with an office in Pápa.

The following banks have offices in Pápa:


Budapest Bank

Raiffeisen Bank

K&H Bank

FHB Bank

Erste Bank

To open an account you will need your passport and your residency card.

When your contract is signed, you have to wait about a week for your debit card to arrive via mail. Your envelope contains your card and a separate one contains the PIN (Personal Identification Number) belonging to the card. You will have to type your PIN each time you would like to use your debit card for a sum of more than 5000 HUF.

Credit cards also come with a PIN, but it is usually not required when paying.

Both credit and debit cards have daily limits, which you can set with your bank in the bank office. The debit card belongs to the account you created and by using the card you are spending the actual money from your account.

If you wish to have a credit card, you will have to open a credit account or attach a credit plan to your existing account.

Always make sure you understand the conditions of the credit and paying back!

Cards and Cash

You can use cash, a debit card or a credit card for direct payment.

In bigger cities almost all of the shops accept card payment, however in smaller towns, like Pápa, some shops and restaurants do not accept card payment, you will have to pay by cash. In Hungary it is very unlikely that you will be able to pay with a cheque.


You can withdraw money from your account at ATMs (Automated Teller Machines). ATM transactions have fees most of the time. Fees are lower when you use your own bank’s ATMs, and can be really high when using another bank’s machines. With an ATM you usually can

  • withdraw money from your account
  • change your PIN
  • top up your mobile phone

Most of the time, you have a chance to select your preferred language when inserting your card.

There is an ATM on Base in the NSE building.

Withdrawing money from an ATM most of the time costs you money, while paying with your card at a terminal in a shop is usually free.

Internet Banking

Most of the banks have internet banking services now.

With internet banking you can make your transactions online from home. Banks use special secure systems for online banking, however don’t forget to take the measures yourself too, when banking online.

Always log off after a session and preferably do not use open wireless internet (public, without a password) for online banking.

When choosing a bank, consider finding out more about its online banking system, for example whether the system has an English language interface.

Still have questions? We can help you.

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