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Cities near Pápa


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Types of Houses

Pápa is a small town, therefore the types of homes available for rent are limited. You can usually find family houses with yards and gardens, semi-attached houses and flats. Houses in Hungary are usually built of bricks and many of them are equipped with full-sealing plastic windows and doors. Due to the climate, you might experience humid periods throughout the year. In order to prevent mold from appearing in the house, ensure ventilation by opening the windows occasionally.

Cities near Pápa


Győr is an hour’s drive to the North.


Veszprém is about a 45-50 minute drive to the South.

House-hunting Procedure

When you arrive in Hungary, your first trip might take you to the Community Liaison Office. Someone there will take you on a house-hunting trip after asking about your preferences.

You can also choose to work with a local realtor.

The CLO runs its own password-protected website listing housing offers. For more details and for access, please contact the CLO.

Lease Agreement

When you have found the home you would like to live in, you and the landlord will both have to sign a Lease Agreement.

It is prepared by NAM PO and is schematic for everyone.

It will be amended with individual conditions if and when required.

The Lease Agreement is both in English and in Hungarian.

Read it carefully before signing because it will be a legally binding document upon signature.

Should you have any questions regarding this process, do not hesitate to contact the Community Liaison Office.

Laws on Renting

In Hungary there are rights and duties of both the landlords and the tenants. The Lease Agreement cannot overwrite the law.

  • Appliances in the home have to be functional when handing over the home to the tenant.

  • Landlords are responsible for the maintenance of the functionality of central appliances.

  • Landlords are responsible for the maintenance of the building.

  • Landlords have the right to check proper usage of the property once a year or several times a year defined in the Lease Agreement.

  • Tenants are responsible for ensuring entry to the property upon those occasions.

  • Tenants are responsible for using the property and its accessories properly.

  • Damages caused by inadequate usage must be borne by the tenant.

  • Renovation works must be done by the landlord, however tenants have to tolerate the work related to the renovation in the home. Renovation works have to be announced by the landlord prior to the actual works.

  • Tenants have to return the home and its accessories in a properly used condition upon the termination of the agreement.


In Hungary, in all homes electricity, water, and gas are typically introduced.

You will have to pay for these services on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, based on your consumption, or pay an average amount each month and an adjustment fee around the end of the year.

You also have to pay for waste management.

In blocks with several flats so called ‘common costs’ may also arise, which are usually the cleaning of the block, electricity and maintenance costs of the block.

You normally have to have a contract with each provider on your name. Providers then will send you the bills, usually monthly, but sometimes bi-monthly, twice a year or annually.

You can pay your bills in any post office or via the Internet through your bank’s online interface (if you have one). An application called iCsekk is also useful for paying these fees.

In Pápa you have the following utility service providers:

NKM for gas, E-on for electricity, Vizmű for water, Közszolg for trash.

If the electricity goes off in your home, first you should check whether there is any electricity in the street. If there isn’t, it is probably a service maintenance issue and will be solved soon. If you think it is only your home, try switching the switch back up in the Fuse Box. If that doesn’t help either, try unplugging devices with large energy consumption and then switch the Fuse back up.

If all these don’t help, call or text your landlord and report the problem, or call the Community Liaison to ask for assistance.

Same goes for any other issues in your home. Contact your landlord or the Community Liaison Office in order to get the problem fixed.

Community Liaison Office

Internet, Phone, Television


There are three cable internet providers working in Pápa at the moment, these are:

You can check their rates and ranges on their websites.

Pay attention to the range of service when selecting a provider, make sure your selected option is available where you live. In order to have an internet subscription, you have to visit the service provider’s office in Pápa and have a contract signed.

After that the company is going to set an appointment with you when cable works can be done in your home. You will normally be provided with all of the technical equipment you need for operational cable internet access, however you might need to set your own router up for WiFi connection.

You can have a contract for a landline in your home with the above companies in Pápa.

You should check for rates of calling with the company before you make your choice.

Please see the Community Liaison Office for further information and assistance.


There are three cell phone network providers in Hungary.

All three providers have offices in Pápa.

You should check for different plans according to your own needs and preferences.

Please note that HAW and NAM PO personnel and their dependents can join a ‘fleet’ subscription in which every number within the fleet can call any other number in the fleet for free.

For further information on this please contact NAMP CIS Officer or HAW SEL when inprocessing.


There are several options when choosing television services around Pápa. You can go for the following:


The only IPTV service in Pápa is provided by Invitel. In order for IPTV to work flawlessly, high internet bandwidth is essential, therefore if you wish to opt for IPTV, check whether it is going to be available and enjoyable in your area.

Cable TV

Cable TV service is provided by both Invitel and KábelszatNet2002. Cable TV packages come with mostly Hungarian channels and some foreign language channels. For a detailed list of channels, see the website of the companies.

Satellite TV

There are several satellite TV service providers in Hungary. Hungarian providers come with a selection of majorly Hungarian channels, however if you move to Hungary from within a certain range, you can bring your own satellite dish and set the top box to be able to watch your home TV channels. For AFN TV, make sure you bring your topbox set from home.

Digital TV

To be able to watch Digital TV you will need to have an antenna and a special transforming unit for your television. Some digital broadcasts come in HD and in some cases you can set the language to original instead of Hungarian dubbed versions.

Streaming with a VPN service

Based on your preference, you can watch TV content that is streamed in a different country using VPN

Still have questions? We can help you.

24/7 emergency on-call service: +36 30 857 5606

Contact your NSE (NLD, NOR, SWE, USA)

Contact your SNR

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