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Points of Contact

Before and when arriving in Hungary your primary Point of Contact (POC) is going to be your

  • National Support Element (NSE) or
  • Senior National Representative (SNR) if you are military, and
  • one of your future colleagues assigned to you if you are civilian.

Your contact for housing, utilities, services and landlords, for immigration, registration, car registration, military registration, business with the authorities is going to be the Community Liaison Office located in Building S03. You can also contact the CLO at

Online Resources

Strategic Airlift Capability Website

This is the organizational website of the Strategic Airlift Capability. It contains information about the SAC and has useful links on it.

NSPA Website is the organizational website of the NATO Airlift Management Programme Office’s parent, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. You will find information about the Agency and about the Programme on the website.

SAC Newsletter

The SAC Newsletter is published by the SAC Communication Office based on the inputs of a working group consisting of members from all SAC-related organizations.

It contains information and stories about SAC milestones and personnel. It is for internal use, you will acquire it via email on a regular basis.

Insite Pápa – the Community Website

Pápa is a small town with a relatively small international community, most of which is related to the SAC program. Some volunteers of this community started up a website to help information exchange among internationals in Pápa.

This site, www.insitepapa.comm can be a really useful guide before, when and after arriving in Pápa regarding everyday issues, as well as local events.

The site is open for everyone, and you are encouraged to register in order to be able to share your local experiences. You can register on the main page of the website.

Still have questions? We can help you.

24/7 emergency on-call service: +36 30 857 5606

Contact your NSE (NLD, NOR, SWE, USA)

Contact your SNR

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