Welcome to Pápa

Here is your guide to settling and living in Pápa, Hungary

We are here to help you

We, the Strategic Airlift Capability’s Community Liaison Office, created this website to provide you with useful and necessary information when you move to your new home, to Pápa, Hungary.

We understand that moving countries with your family is a challenging task, therefore, on this website, we tried to collect all important information you might need to start your life in Pápa with us.

Welcome to Pápa, Hungary!



Community Liaison Office

We are here to help you settle in Pápa, find a home to live in, help with school, medical care, getting your vehicles in order, etc.

“We do everybody’s everything.”


Get in touch with your own Nation's representatives

If you are a Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, or American HAW member, get in touch with your National Support Element, otherwise with your Senior National Representative if you are military.


On Call 24/7

Our Community Liaison Office has a phone number for emergencies outside of working hours, too.

+36 30 857 5606

What are you looking for?

There is a myriad of information when moving to a new country. Not speaking the local language can make integration to your new home a bit of a challenge, so we collected everything you need to know into categories.

Culture Shock and Expatriate Adjustment

About Hungary

First days in Pápa

Finding a place to live

Money and banking

Health care


Driving in Hungary

Communication and Information flow

Community and Free Time

Pet Care


Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Our Community Liaison Office is here to answer your questions.

Or in an emergency, call — +36 30 857 5606

Still have questions? We can help you.

24/7 emergency on-call service: +36 30 857 5606

Contact your NSE (NLD, NOR, SWE, USA)

Contact your SNR


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