New streetball court can be used by anyone in Pápa

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Featured, Latest News, Papa Activities | 0 comments

The National Basketball Union, Pápa Town and the Pápa Basketball Club have combined their efforts and made it possible for a new streetball court to be built in the area of Perutz Stadium.

The court was handed over to the public on Monday. Tamás Áldozó, mayor of Pápa said that it’s with great joy that he sees basketball players and football players unite near the Stadium. Basketball is a popular sport in Hungary, and he hopes that with the European Championship win it will become even more popular.

Tamás Hernádi, head of the Pápa Basketball Club was very grateful to the town leadership for supporting this cause from the beginning. He emphasized that the streetball court is open to everyone.

After the ceremonial ribbon-cutting, it was the town leadership who threw some balls, and then the Pápa youth was free to start their games.


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