Military presence in the streets starting 20 March

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Minister of Defense of Hungary Tibor Benkő announced that military control units will be present at Hungarian essential companies and factories starting Thursday, 19 March.

Tibor Benkő, Hungarian Minister of Defense announces elevated military presence

Military control units in vital infrastructure

The Minister explained that there are a couple hundred companies and factories in Hungary, which are a part of the country’s vital infrastructure, such as companies of the energy, communications, transportation, or medical sectors.

These new measures were introduced to protect vital infrastructure during the COVID-19 state of emergency in Hungary.

Identified providers will be helped by the presence of military control units. Their task will be to monitor and to coordinate the company’s work and to act as a liaison between the Government’s COVID Operational Staff and the company. The Minister highlighted that control units’ duties will be two-fold: to maintain physical security and to ensure the conditions of operations.

Nuclear power plant in Paks. source:

Elevated military presence in the streets

The Minister also spoke about an elevated military presence in the streets starting Friday, 20 March. He explained that this will be most apparent to residents of towns with an operating military base.



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