Measures implemented in Pápa – 18 March 2020

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– Town Market on Tuesdays and Fridays – starting Friday, 20 March, 2020 the stalls within the marketplace selling fruit, vegetables, eggs, etc. will be available, but the tent stalls will not be opening until further notice.
Stores within the marketplace will only be allowed to open on Tuesdays and Fridays within the restricted opening hours, all other days they will be closed.

– All 13 public playgrounds in Pápa are closed starting 18 March, 2020, they will be fully disinfected in the coming days. Town leadership would like to call everyone’s attention to the fact that the playgrounds are not only closed for children playing, but also for everyone else hanging out. Be aware that you will be escorted off the premises if caught.

– Public transportation timetables are switching to a limited service, they plan to run normally during peak hours of getting to work and getting home from work, but there will be less buses circulating during the day.

– Town leadership asks that we all assist the elderly in anything they need. They still see a lot of people on the streets, they ask that people stay at home if there is any way for them to do so. Students should also be at home following the digital education tracks guided by their respective schools. Social gatherings should be cancelled.

– The vice-mayor closed the press conference by stating that there have been suspicious cases transported to Ajka hospital from our town, they don’t know about their results, but we should all understand that the virus is here and we must be precautious. He ended his statement by asking everyone to stay at home.


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