Mayor’s update on COVID-19 situation in Pápa

by | Apr 16, 2020 | COVID, COVID-municipality, COVID-Pápa | 0 comments

Mayor of Pápa Dr Tamás Áldozó has recently posted updates on Facebook about how the new coronavirus affects Pápa.

Korábban már írtam arról, hogy volt olyan koronavírussal fertőzött eset, aki ugyan nem pápai állandó lakos, de…

Közzétette: Áldozó Tamás – 2020. április 15., szerda

The mayor says in the post that there is at least one corona patient in the Ajka Hospital who is a Pápa resident. Currently, there are 46 people in official mandatory quarantine. 41 of them are under surveillance, 5, due to mild symptoms, are in isolation. These 5 residents producing symptoms have been tested and are awaiting results.


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