Esterházy Castle is surprising their visitors with yet another special art exhibition. This time they are opening an exhibition of Henri Matisse’s works. The exhibition open on the 9th of March in the castle. It is titled Colors and Shapes, true to the fact that Matisse was the master of colors.
The opening event will be made special by the fact that they are asking all visitors to dress in the most colorful outfit they have. Matisse’s favorite colors were purple and green.
– We ask visitors to bring a single flower to the opening to make the event even more colorful.
The opening ceremony will start at 1700 this Saturday, the 9th of March, and they are preparing some surprises just like with previous events.
They hope to be able to project Matisse’s love of life and positivity to the Pápa residents, encouraging them to step outside of the grey everyday-cycle.
The exhibition will be open until the 31st of March, but depending on the amount of visitors, they might extend it until the end of the year.