Kids House in Bratislava

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An idea for a day trip. There is a great place in Bratislava to take your kids to. It‘s a huge playground where you can actually play with your kids or just relax and watch them having fun.

„KidsHouse is a family-friendly sports and entertainment center that has more than 1,800 m² of space, not only for children but adults as well.

We are supporters of a healthy lifestyle, so we offer you an exceptional kitchen concept.

The basis is fresh ingredients, organic coffee and cakes with no white flour or white sugar.

At children’s center you will find only high-quality and safe attractions from a renowned European supplier.

KidsHouse is a member of the International Association of Entertainment Centers with over 120 Years of Tradition.“

These are few statements from their website

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday          9:00 am to 9:00 pm


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