Hungarian Post implements contactless delivery

by | Apr 6, 2020 | COVID, COVID-HUN, COVID-Pápa, COVID-services | 0 comments

Due to the current pandemic situation a government decree was issued regarding postal deliveries. Contactless delivery starts on 06 April, 2020.
The new procedure allows for the postman and the individual to avoid physical contact upon delivery. Registered mail can also be delivered by leaving it in the postbox, and registering the delivery on the postman’s electronic device.
No signatures are needed upon receipt of official documents or packages, the individual will have to provide their personal ID number while maintaining the 1.5 meter distance. The postman will register the data on their device, and the package will be considered delivered.
A similar procedure is in place at the post office as well. If you are picking something up, the clerk will register your personal ID number, no signature will be needed.
The postman is authorized to hand over packages to a neighbor upon specific request from the individual receiving the package. ID numbers will have to be registered in this case as well.
No packages, letters, documents will be delivered to households under mandatory official quarantine. Delivery will be attempted once the official quarantine regulations are lifted from said household. If the first attempt at delivery is unsuccessful, they will keep the package at the post office for 10 working days, and if it is still not picked up, it will be considered undeliverable, and will be sent back. Registered and regular mail will be delivered to postboxes for households under official mandatory quarantine.

There are a few things the Hungarian Post would like for you to adhere to:
– if the postman rings your bell, please wear a mask and gloves, or keep the 1.5 meter distance from them.
– if you are receiving a package, please have your personal ID at hand, and share the number with the postman.
– if you are ordering something online, and there is an option of ordering to a pick-up spot, please use that option.
– if you are ordering something online, please pay online.
– if you need to pay a yellow postal cheque, please use the iCsekk application.
– post office opening hours might change, so please check before you go there.


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