HUN Decree Issued 09 April 2020

by | Apr 10, 2020 | COVID, COVID-HUN | 0 comments

  • Extension of period of movement restrictions already implemented

The movement restrictions previously implemented are hereby extended until further notice. The Government will be reevaluating terms of the restriction on a weekly basis with the help of the Operative Group.
The two changes implemented are:

1. from now on it is within local municipalities’ authority to decide on opening hours of local/farmer’s markets. They must, however, designate a timeframe within which only those above 65 years of age are allowed to visit the market.

2. Tobacco stores do not fall under exception anymore, so from now on they also have to close at 15.00 every day.

  • Measures regarding Easter weekend (00:00 on 10th April – 24:00 on 13th April)

It is within the local municipalities’ authority to decide on what further restrictions to implement in their respective locations for the Easter long weekend. They must make sure these restrictions are communicated in a way that the information reaches as many people as possible.


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