Calling all chocolate lovers! If you have not had a chance to taste Harrer Chocolate, I highly recommend doing so. The factory is located in Sopron, about an hour and a half drive from Papa. It is a great factory, where you can purchase a variety of chocolates, but also has a cafe where you can order food and drinks. You can also schedule a chocolate tasting, which includes:

  • a sip of sparkling trumpet ball
  • screening a small film about chocolate making
  • chocolate tasting
    • crude chocolate
    • dark chocolate
    • milk and white chocolate
    • chocolate with different flavors
  • chocolate fountain with fresh fruits
  • chocolate-tasting drink

For the chocolate tasting you will need to book in advance.  For more information, please visit their website at:

There is an English option on the website.

Location: Sopron, Faller Jenő u., 9400 Hungary