Government’s update – 23.04.2020

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Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office held a press conference today to talk about decisions taken and topics discussed by the Goverment yesterday. Points covered were as follows:

  • Hungary is procuring protective equipment continuously, and the number is very promising in terms of defense against the peak period of the virus.
  • The Government has made calculations regarding the possible ways ahead in terms of the virus curve, and they have made and are making preparations for the worst case scenario – hospital beds have been freed up, respirators are being tested and personnell is being trained.
  • All current restrictions remain in place until the 3rd of May, 2020. The Government and the Operative Group are continuously (re)evaluating measures already implemented and possible ways forward. Decisions on what (if anything) will be modified after the 3rd of May will be made on Wednesday next week. The Government’s goal is to gradually return to normal life while still protecting those at risk.
  • The number of registered unemployed people grew by 51 thousand since the implementation of the state of emergency, however the number of vacant positions dropped to 44 thousand, which could mean that several people who lost their jobs have been able to find a new one.
  • Conditions are acceptable to hold high school final exams on the 4th of May, however they reserve the right to make changes in the coming days.
  • Unfortunately the number of domestic violence-related cases in the country has increased, they stated that all of the usual support groups are available, and the movement restrictions do not apply to those leaving their home to seek help. The Ministry of Justice is working on making the situation better.
  • Medical professionals believe there will be a second peak of the virus in the Autumn period, and the peak period this time around might plateau for several weeks.
  • It is possible that Municipalities will have the same rights on the 1st of May long weekend as they did during Easter weekend. Further news on this will be announced next week.


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