Government Press Conference – 19 March, 2020

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  • Be advised that the situation at the borders (especially at the border with Austria) is quite problematic in terms of queues and waiting times. Everyone is strongly discouraged from leaving the country.
  • The Minister of Prime Minister’s Office advised that people should be aware of the fact that there are most probably 10-15 times more infected people than officially confirmed. This is due to the fact that a lot of infected people don’t experience any symptoms, yet still infect others.
  • The government’s main priority is protecting human lives.
  • The government has implemented a number of economical measures in order to minimize negative impact on the effected sectors.
  • State of emergency can be announced for 15-day periods at a time, the Parliament has to then decide whether to extend that. The government doesn’t expect any issues with extending it for quite some time to come.
  • The government has started a volunteers action group. They are receiving overwhelming numbers of offers for different kinds of assistance, this is why they have decided to have an action group to collect these offers.
  • The government would like to assure everyone that one of their main priorities is to ensure there is no shortage of essential goods. Limitations on the number of items we can buy at stores are currently not planned to be implemented.
  • We are at the stage where confirmed cases have been reported from all Hungarian counties. The government asks everyone to follow guidance on social distancing, staying at home whenever possible and cancelling social gatherings.


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