Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do when I have flu-like symptoms?

When you have flu-like symptoms, please follow guidance detailed here.

Can I get on Pápa Air Base?

We will not disclose information about Pápa Air Base measures here. Please, ask your family member who works there about that.

Can I take my kids to the playground?

All playgrounds in Pápa are closed. Using playgrounds or being at playgrounds constitutes as a misdemeanor.

In general, try to avoid crowds and gatherings as much as you can.

Can I go for a walk?

As of today, getting out of the house is not restricted by the government.

However, you are contributing to flattening the curve if you keep your in-person human interactions at a minimum.

Where can I travel?

You are not limited from leaving Hungary, however you are likely limited to enter another one. Changes in entering Hungary protocols are continuous, therefore once you leave, it is not guaranteed that you can come back.

Your travels within Hungary are not limited. Read more about that here.

Does this situation influence opening hours of stores?

Yes. Read about measures here.


I cannot buy basic goods at the store. What should I do?

Hungary’s priority is to sustain essential services and food supply and the government reassures everyone that there will be no food or essentials shortages. In the n the extreme case of a lockdown, essentials will still be on the shelves of stores and grocery stores will still be open.

Some people started hoarding basics, but stores are being refilled every day.  Everyone is discouraged from changing thier usual grocery shopping habits and hoard food.


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