Elderly to stay at home – Government announcement

by | Mar 22, 2020 | COVID, COVID-HUN | 0 comments

The government is asking the elderly to stay at home and asking everyone else to spread the message.

The government released an official announcement in which it asks the elderly (people above 65) to stay at home, given they are the most vulnerable group affected by COVID-19.
They ask everyone else to spread the announcement any way they can; sharing online, distributing printouts, etc.

Translation: MESSAGE to the elderly. STAY AT HOME! Corona virus is spreading rapidly and we know that the group in the gravest danger is the elderly. Therefore, we ask them to stay at home and do everything they can so that they do not go out in the streets and not leave their homes.

The Municipality is obliged to take care of them, therefore contact the Municipality in case they need assistance.

This virus has a serious impact on the lives of all of us, but if we respect and follow rules, we can avoid a graver crisis.



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