Do Good!

Are you tired of being a bystander in this situation?

Here are a few ideas if you wanted to help. 
We will add any new initiative here, so keep checking back.

We Help Each Other

Hungary’s central, national volunteering coordination website,, collects, coordinates, and distributes volunteers who want to help in the COVID-19 crisis. As of now, the website is available in Hungarian only, but we are hoping for a bilingual site.


SEW a mask for a fellow SAC person

Since our community’s current guidance has shifted more towards wearing masks in public places, some of our super spouses have started making them for anyone in the community that needs one. There are several ladies working on them. They will try to get them out to anyone who needs one as long as they don’t mind them not being exactly high fashion! 🙂 Materials are mostly donated or what the spouses had on hand. 
This is the video they are using for the pattern: 

If you would like to join the self-made seamstresses, please contact the spouses on our Facebook Community Page.

Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello!

Are you a doer? Do you want to launch your own charity to help in the COVID-19 crisis?Let us know and we can add your initiative here.