There is currently an ongoing programme in Hungary for the development of towns, settlements. The deadline for handing in the second round of tenders has just passed, so the Mayor of Pápa held a press conference to talk about all ongoing and planned developments to be carried out in the town.

Following is a short summary of the eight projects the Town requested funds for:

  • Development of the industrial area in the Felsőváros part of Pápa. They would like to do constructions on Szabó Dezső street, creating an intersection on the bypass street. They would like to develop all available infrastructure in the area. Additionally, they plan to open up areas for investment purposes.
  • Tourism-wise, the town would like to recommend a journey in the Reformed times in the town on Petőfi and Jókai, two famous Hungarian writers and historic figures. They plan to create a route including all monuments from the Age of Reform, and they would also like to restore Petőfi’s and Jókai’s houses.

  • The town would like to reconstruct and expand Napsugár nursery.
  • In the second phase of the Green Town project, they would like to create social spaces and to revive green areas of the inner Várkert area between the Bakony-stream and Várkert street, as well as in the outer Várkert area. Should this be completed, there will be huge park areas and recreational opportunities in Pápa.

  • They would like to develop the rainwater pipe system on Tapolca sétány, Anna square, in the Tókert area and in Borsosgyőr.
  • They would like to construct a bike lane from Várkert street to Vajda lakótelep, to renovate the bike lane towards Igal, and to construct a roundabout in the intersection of Acsádi, Táncsics and Szabó Dezső street, including Vak Bottyán street on a new path.
  • They would like to modernize the energetics system of Türr István High School, and they would also like to build a gym within the school. Construction works on Csáky street can only start once the aforementioned projects are done.

  • They would like to construct a health center in Kisfaludy street.

Tamás Áldozó, Mayor of Pápa, also talked about the ten tenders the Town won in the first phase of the Programme:

  • The smaller projects are the ones they can carry out the fastest. They already have the legal construction permit for the renovation of the doctor’s office on Huszár lakótelep, they are now in the process of choosing the construction company. If all goes according to the original plans, the construction site will be handed over on the 11th of September. The Town will also organize the area around the office.

  • The legal permit for the renovation of the old blood center is in place, they will now start the selection process for the construction company, and  they are planning to hand over the site in November. The surrounding area will also be redone, they will create more parking spaces. The Institution for People Living with Disabilities and the Family Support Service Center will function in the newly done building.
  • The rest of the projects are all in the process of choosing the construction company, this should be done by the end of August, and some of the projects will hopefully be started this year already.
  • Several pedestrian crossing points have already been authorized, so construction of these will be carried out this Fall.

There are plans for several road constructions within a different Programme.

  • The process of selecting the construction company for works on Jókai street is ongoing, the pipe and cable system renovation below ground has already started, and it should be done by end of September. Once completed, they can start the road construction, the sidewalk construction, and establishing trees and other greenery along the road.

  • Constructions which were not tied to any permits have already begun – Török Bálint street, Vásár street, Várkert street, Grüf street, Korona street and part of Korvin street.