Looking to reduce the amount of your waste your house is sending to the landfill? It’s easy to sign up for free curbside recycling pickup in Papa!

To Pick Up Your Recycling Bin:

1. Drive to Kozszolg: Szabó Dezső St 6918 u.  The bin is pretty big (96 gallons), so make sure it will fit in your car.

2. To your right will be a white building. Enter this building through the green gate on the sidewalk.

3. Once inside, enter the office immediately to your right to sign up for your bin. The service is free. You only need your name and address to sign up for curbside recycling, even if you are renting your home. The administrator speaks English, so you shouldn’t need a translator if you aren’t fluent in Hungarian.

4. Recycling is picked up once per month, the first full week of the month. The collection districts are on the following dates:

Monday: District 1, Tuesday: District 2, Wednesday: 3, Thursday: 4, Friday: 5 and 6 districts.

What Can Go In Your Bin:

Curbside recycling is a single stream “all in one” bin, meaning you can place your paper , metals, and plastics in the same blue container. This stream will then be separated at the facility, making recycling easy for you at home. What can go in your bin?


1. Yes: Cardboard, Newspapers, Magazines, Paper Cartons

2. No: Greasy and Oily Paper, Used Napkins and Paper Towels


1. Yes: Beer and Soft Drink Aluminum Cans, Tin Foil, Aluminum Food Cans, Tins, Metal Caps

2. No: Painted or Chemical Metal Boxes and Bottles


1. Yes: Water Bottles, Soft Drink Bottles, Cosmetic and Food Product Boxes, Dairy Product Boxes

2. No: PVC, Child’s Toys, Greasy and Oily Chemical Bottles, Multi-layer Dairy and Juice Cartons

*Glass is not accepted


Here is a pdf of the recycling rules: Papa Recycling

Recycling Tips:

  1. Clean out your recycling before placing in your bin. That helps keep your recycling from becoming contaminated, as well as reducing any smells (especially in the summer months!)
  2. Break down all boxes and containers to increase space

Further Information:

Kozszolg Website: http://www.kozszolg.hu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=182&Itemid=58