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    Find the latest information on Covid-19 here

    We are working to compile a useful set of information on this page for our international community members on COVID-19 updates in Hungary and in our Programme.

    Everything you wanted to know

    We grouped collected information into categories, so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for.


    Information regarding travel restrictions and travel-related measures.

    Neigbouring Countries

    Links to situational updates of neighbouring countries.


    Hungary’s and Pápa’s measures on educational institutions.

    Useful Links

    We advise you to follow these links for


    Hungary’s measures, decrees, and provisions concerning our community.


    Changes in medical procedures due to changed circumstances.


    Pápa Municipality’s measures concerning life in Pápa.


    Find a list of Frequently Asked Questions here.


    Getting out of quarantine

    Getting out of quarantine

    If you enter Hungary, and are required to go into the mandatory 10-day quarantine, you have the option to be released earlier. You can get your first negative PCR test in your country of departure if it is a Schengen-country, the USA or Canada. Results must be in...

    Regulations for flights from HUN to NL

    Regulations for flights from HUN to NL

    According to Budapest Airport’s website announcements, there are new regulations for people flying from Hungary to the Netherlands as of the 23rd of January, 2021. Passengers over 13 years of age are only allowed to board the plane if they have a negative PCR...

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    Information on this website is maintained by people without a legal background. Do not expect legal translation on this site. Translation of Government Decrees does not reflect the entirety of the decree, it is kept to essential details to this community. We are trying to update everything as fast as we can but due to our limited capacity, information in English might not be published right away.

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