In Hungary, community nurses (védönök or midwives) work together with the local doctors, pediatricians and obstetricians, providing care for pregnant women and assist families after the child is born. Védőnő literally translates to ‘woman who protects’. This service is free for ALL legal residents in Hungary. Though foreigners are not required to use this service, they are available to them free of charge also, but most védőnők in Pápa only speak Hungarian. These nurses are highly trained and help pregnant women with prenatal issues, as well as helping with care of the newborn and young children up to age 6.

You are assigned to a védönö clinic based on your street address. Please see the following link to determine your védőnő and clinic location.

Védőnő districts

Before delivery, women visit the nurse before each doctor’s appointment and bring a urine sample on each occasion. At each visit, the nurse checks the expectant mother’s weight, blood pressure and urine (for white cells and sugar). After delivery, the nurses assist with all health care matters including breast-feeding, diet, safety and immunizations. They are not doctors and cannot write a prescriptions or referrals to a laboratory/specialist but they can give you a recommendation to take to your doctor.

List of Services

Védönök usually have office hours one morning or afternoon a week (with separate times for maternity related visits and child care related visits). The rest of the time they do home visits with the frequency depending on each family’s need. If you would like to use the service of your védönö please fill out the following form and have your nation’s support personnel forward it to the védönök. You may have to provide a translator for each visit.

Request for service

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