Christmas Market 2015 – results

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At last year´s Christmas Market we sold our home made things, things from different countries, food and lotteries for 2 millions HUF. An all time record! We were all amazed by the big effort everyone had put in to make this real. The happy receiver was the Ambulance Service of Pápa. Their station and some of their cars were poorly equipped. This service and its quality are important both to the people of Pápa and to us living here for a short time only.

The Norwegian ladies have recently visited the Ambulance Central to get information on the results of last year´s Christmas Market. We were very pleased to see that they have bought a lot of useful equipment for the money they received. For instance training doll/system for first aid, GPS (they serve Pápa and 50 surrounding villages), equipment for measuring oxygen uptake, sterilizing equipment, high pressure cleaner – and stuff for the personell to use at their shifts like uniforms, a tv and a microwave oven in their break room. They will send over all their receipts as documentation for us to keep. They were very thankful for the donation which gave them opportunities they never would have got without our help. The meeting was very inspiring and we hope for lots of engagement also this year at the CAC on the 20th of November. Thank you all!

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