Attention! Small Spar parking lot usage is now subject to a fee.

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Egyéb (Miscellaneous), Featured, Traffic Alerts & Holiday Closures | 0 comments

As previously shared here, the parking system in the lot by the small SPAR near the bus station has changed effective 2nd October, 2017. Spar supermarket would like to make sure that people don’t leave their cars there for the whole day. One hour of parking is still free of charge, however it is subject to a parking ticket.

The goal of this change is to make sure there is continuous movement in the parking lot, and it is always possible to find a spot.

For people who would like to shop in Spar or run errands around town, and would like to park there for an hour or less, it is mandatory to get the so-called Spar-ticket by pressing the “TARIFA” button twice. However, if the car is going to stay there for more than an hour, a category “A” ticket has to be purchased.


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