A lot of fun events are to happen in Pápa this year!

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Featured, Papa Activities | 0 comments

All organizations in charge of organizing town events recently met to create Pápa town’s event calendar for 2019.

There will be several concerts by bands who will be performing in Pápa for the very first time. Howalsky meg a Vega and Margaret Island will be performers of the Pápa Game Festival, Boban Markovic will be playing with his band at the Wine Festival, and Hahó band will be entertaining people at the Town Children’s Day. There will also be performers who will be returning to Pápa – Ferenc Demjén, Budapest Bár, Balkan Fanatik.

On the 1st of May they will be organizing the Community “May-Day”, and they are expecting local amateur performers to introduce their talents to the town.

This year they will organize the Pápa Baroque Days after many years of not having put on this event.

There are currently 53 events in the town calendar for this year, but there are even more to pick from, like Pannonia Reformata’s classical music concert-series, events of the Holocaust Memorial Year.


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