An exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s graphic designs is going to open in the Pápa Esterházy Castle in March.

You’ll be able to see more than 100 designs and book illustrations.

This is going to be an exhibition of an unknown section of Picasso’s life, which will open on the 11th of March.

There will be illustrations created based on Tristan Tzara’s and Jean Cocteau’s poems and writings, as well as artworks created for Pablo Picasso’s book, Toros y Toreros.


The owner of the artworks is Thomas Emmerling, a collector from Nürnberg. He says: ” Picasso’s artwork is abstract, sometimes cubist, other times lyrical, but always cynical.

Apart from the artwork, you’ll be able to learn about this controversial artist’s life, get to know more about Picasso’s muses – wives and lovers – who greatly influenced his works. There will also be videos showing the master at work.

The exhibition called Que viva Picasso will be available at the Castle from the 11th of March until the 31st of October.