If you love action movies and also love theme park rides, you’ll be happy to know that CinemaCity theaters in three locations in Hungary now feature the latest in movie technology: 4DX theaters in Gyor, Budapest (WestEnd), and Debrecen.

According to the CinemaCity website, “4DX ™ combines 4D movie technology with all-time Hollywood movies. 4DX ™ is the world’s most advanced cinema technology with state-of-the-art 3-DOF (freestanding) moving seats that align with environmental influences. Each movie, with its highly dubbed air, water, fragrance, motion, vibration, and other effects, overwhelms audiovisual stimuli of the traditional movie theater, far beyond the audience, who can become deeply profitable and become part of the action.”

The first movie I’ve seen in 4DX happened to be “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. With the motion during chase scenes (of where there are many), wind and water effects and even a few unique scents thrown in, I couldn’t help but feel immersed in the action. It’s like a two-hour-long theme park ride! Thankfully, the seats remain still during quieter scenes such as dialogue scenes, so there isn’t constant motion and effect going on.

4DX is probably not recommended for those with motion sickness, epileptic seizures, and probably not pregnant ladies either.

Your soda may be completely flat by the end of the movie, and your popcorn may fly a little! But it’s a fun experience, and kids are sure to love it.

Tickets in Gyor are 2680 HUF per person. The only caveat is that with only one theater available in Gyor, there may only rarely be English-language showings of the films. To figure out which showings are in English, on your Google-translated CinemaCity.hu website, navigate to the 4DX tab and choose whatever movies are showing at the time. Then choose your theater and look for a showing that says “2D • . ANG • CAPTION: HUNGARY )” in the description.

Enjoy the ride!