Interested in running? Check this out!

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Spring is here and there is a lot of running-events around the area. Do you want to sign up for one?? If so, here is some of them! 

Finishing a run can motivate you for further training, create great memories, checking out a different area and of course, the most important:  for the FUN! 

Here are some events for running the next months in the area and even one in the Pápa streets in August, one of these might be your next goal:

May 27th 
Tihany Half-Marathon festival 21km, 10km, 7km
Official website .


June 4th 
AM Keszethelyi Kilométerek – 21km,42km. 
Official website


July 22nd
Runfest Bekescsaba 2km,10km, 21km,42km,6h,12h
Official website


August 6th
TomTom Pápa Félmaraton 2017 7km, 21km 
Official website


September 10th
Wizz Air Budapest Half Marathon 21km
Official Website

Have fun on the run!


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