Every year on or around the 17th of August the local community celebrates Heroes’ Day in Pápa. The reason behind it is that the 7th Hussar Regiment (light cavalry) was ordered to the frontline right after WWI broke out and on the 17th of August of 1914 the hussars acted in a heroic way at the Battle of Gorodok: they were greeted by machine guns, but refused to withdraw. During the battle the cavalry regiment lost 24 officers, 450 men, 650 horses and the majority of their logistic supply.
The Pápa Hussar Association, Pápa Town Representatives and Jókai Mór Cultural Center organize a memorial event every year to honor the lost men.

This year the events fall on the specific date, 17th of August. From 14:00 you can see an exhibition of the Pápa hussars’ life at the Main square next to the church. At 15:00 a Hussar Parade will be leaving from the Pápa Horseriding School, there will be a speech by Ferenc Horváth, hussar sergeant at 16:00 in Korvin street by the Lubienski memorial plaque, and participants will all walk over to Esterházy street afterwards. Dr Tamás Áldozó, Mayor of Pápa will say a few words at the WW I and WW II memorial statue. To end the ceremony, participants will walk back to the Horseriding School.

Organizers would like to invite everyone that is interested to honor these brave men and their families together.