I have shared in a previous post a few words about what we celebrate on the 20th of August in Hungary. Below you’ll find the specific events you can attend in Pápa this year on the 19th and 20th of August.

19 August, Monday
19:00 @ Main Square
Folklore Gala
Welcome speech: Dr Tamás Áldozó, Mayor of Pápa
Ezüstperje Folk Dance Group (Transylvania/Romania)
Kincsünk Folk Dance Group (Vojvodina/Serbia)
Bellő Folk Dance Group (former Upper Hungary/Slovakia)
Vadvirág Folk Dance Group (Pápa)
Folk dance
Music by Dénes Németh’s band

20 August, Tuesday
Celebrating the Creation of the Hungarian State by St Stephen
18:30 Erzsébet Liget (park by the Theater building)
Kick-off of the ceremony by the Brass Band of Pápa
19:00 Hungarian National Anthem
Speech by Dr Tamás Áldozó, Mayor of Pápa
Folk Dance performances by the aforementioned dance troops
20:00 Intersection at traffic lights
Placing of the wreath – Brass Band of Pápa and HDF Pápa Airbase
21:00 Esterházy Castle courtyard
DeFoP (Design Folk Pápa) – presenting folk-inspired clothes and costumes

In case of rain, all events will be held at Jókai Mór Culture Center’s Theater building.