Welcome to InSite Pápa!

We are an enthusiastic group of volunteers in Pápa, Hungary, and our main aim is to create a website which has a plethora of useful information, contacts, places to go, things to do, sights to see, events to attend, experiences to be had. We would like to make life easier for foreigners living in Pápa.

The site is community-based, meaning that all stores and services posted have been tried out by at least one member of the SAC community. If you see or hear something, or know of a place that you would like to recommend for others to try, please drop an e-mail to info@insitepapa.com.

InSite Pápa has a restricted platform which is only available to registered users. If you are connected to the Strategic Airlift Capability or Boeing, click here to register, and have the door opened to even more useful tips and tricks.

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